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ThunderX3 Gaming Chair DC3-Black-Red Race-Cushion-V1

68.000 KD

ThunderX3 Gaming Chair DC3-Black-Red / Race-Cushion-V1

Built with high density foam with a quilted diamond pattern design, the DC3 delivers maximum comfort and style. Featuring AIR Tech for superior breathability and an ergonomically-friendly design, this gaming chair keeps you feeling fresh and cool while providing ample support where you need it the most. This gaming chair features a 90 – 180° adjustable backrest and comes with adjustable head and back cushions.


With high density foam that adjusts to your unique body shape, this gaming chair provides full body support. Featuring a stylish quilted diamond pattern design, you’ll feel comfort like no other while rocking the look of a true gamer.


AIR Tech combines a pinhole design with premium nonwoven materials and foams to increase air circulation and breathability, keeping you comfortable and cool even after long gaming sessions.


With an ergonomic curve built into the backrest as well as adjustable head and back cushions, this gaming chair will provide you with ample support for your entire body while helping to improve your posture.


Adjustable two-directional armrests allow you to set them to your preferred height and direction. Perfect for positioning your arms in just the right way as you game.


Premium leatherette and carbon pattern design deliver a stylish and futuristic look and feel, ensuring the chair looks great from all angles.