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Logitech G Saitek Flight Rudder

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Professional Flight Rudder Pedals
Realistic. Smooth. Accurate.


Add a critical element of pilot experience to your flight simulation setup. Using your feet, you can control the rudder and toe brakes of your aircraft. With adjustable damping, these self-centering pedals are the perfect complement to the Logitech G Flight Yoke System.

Precise Rudder and Braking Control

Motion in fluid form allows for precise control, while differential braking lets you independently control the left and right brakes. Adjustable, stable footrests Footrests adjust to accommodate a wide range of sizes and feature non-slip materials to keep the pedals on the floor.

Adjustable Tension Dial

You can choose your own resistance to suit your flying style. You can apply just a little pressure to make the Rudder Pedals respond, or you can exert more pressure. Simply twisting the dial does the trick.

Part of a Complete System

Combine Logitech G Flight Rudder Pedals with our modular instrument panels for countless combinations. Mounting brackets make it easy to arrange your cockpit the way you want it.

Build the Ultimate Virtual Cockpit


Using Logitech G's Pro Flight Yoke System, you can easily add Rudder Pedals and a range of Switch, Navigation and Instrument Panels to create the cockpit of your dreams.