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Sanding Paper 125 mm (10 discs) For Smoothing Edges

4.000 KD

Makita circular sanding paper 10 pieces, aggressive 80 grit sandpaper discs for 5" random orbit sanders for aggressive wood, metal & plastic sanding and conditioning. 8 holes hook-and-loop backing, engineered for use on Makita 5” random orbital sanders, such as bo5030k, bo5031k, bo5041 & xob01z and compatible with all 5” random orbital sanders

Our circular sanding paper avoids clogging, tears, and premature wears with lower quality, non-reinforced sandpaper that result in higher replacements and project completion delays, instead rely on Makita's carefully selected open coat grain distribution and resin glue coating for superior reliability, long-life, evenness, smoothness, and ease of use than competitor papers, for best results, apply firm circular motion pressure ensuring full contact with sanding paper to the material.

Easily & smoothly remove corrosion, rust, scuffing, wood, paint, fiberglass, varnish, fillers, plastic, and other materials to condition your wood, drywall, steel, or metal surface revealing a soft, uniform pliable, and paint-ready surface largely thanks to.

10 aggressive 80 grit sanding discs for aggressive surface conditioning on wood, metal, and plastic with minimal clogging risk in 5" random orbital sanders at high RPMs.