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Huawei A1 WS852 (3-Pack)

by Huawei
Sold out
65.000 KD
Huawei A1 WS852
  • A supreme, high-speed home router, maximising internet speeds up to an incredible 1 Gbps. The high-performance Wi-Fi is ideal for large houses and flats thanks to its independent signal amplifier.
  • Parental Control and Guest Network - A simplified system to help you manage connected gadgets, by disconnecting any device at the touch of a button.
  • Engineered for utmost security, Huawei anti-brute force algorithm prevent outside and unwanted access to your network. Making your network more secure and stable Work, game and share all day long with Huawei A1.
  • Allowing you to connect an incredible 64 Wi-Fi gadgets including Xbox, PlayStation, Laptops, Smart Watch plus much more.
  • Including three high-performance routers that seamlessly connect to each other to create a single wireless network that covers your whole home