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by Evga
470.000 KD

EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN Z 12GB GDDR5 768 Bit GPU Graphics Card (12G-P4-3990-KR)

  • GeForce will be able to fully support NVIDIA PhysX technology, enabling a whole host of new physical gaming capabilities that allow for a more realistic and more dynamic experience.
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision combines high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software to offer a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience to PCs. With 3D Vision, hundreds of PC games can be enjoyed in STEREO 3D.
  • The NVIDIA Surround card is the ultimate PC triple screen solution since it allows you to play PC games across three displays in full 3D for the best immersive viewing experience. Portable monitors can also be used with the technology.
  • The new PCI Express 3.0 bus architecture offers the highest possible data transfer rates for the latest bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications, while still being backward compatible with old-style PCI Express motherboards for a broad range of compatibility.