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Cooler Master MP511 Gaming Mouse Pad - XXL

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12.000 KD

Cooler Master MP511 Gaming Mouse Pad - XXL

The MP511 Mouse Pad is an upgrade in every sense of the word, featuring legendary CORDURA® fabric for improved durability, flawless splash resistance, and smooth performance for generations of battles to come.

Durable CORDURA® Fabric

Legendary reputation for durability, splash-resistance, and pro-grade qualities. This is the mithril of mousepad fabrics.

Optimized for Gaming

Engineered to increase accuracy and smooth control.

Splash-Resistant Surface

Resistant to sweat, tears and abrasions, prolonging its life and preventing unpleasant smells.

Anti-Fray Stitching

Extends the life of your pad by preventing peeling around the edges.


Product Number : MP-511-CBXC1 (XXL Size)

Mouse Pad Type : Soft

Surface Material : CORDURA® Fabric, Gaming-optimized texture

Base Material : Nature Rubber

Surface Color : Black

Mouse Pad Size : XXL Size: 1220 x 610 x 3 mm