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About Us

Our Company

Okle stores is a PC parts store located in the heart of Kuwait with the sole aim of providing customers with the best computer accessories. We deal in the sale of computer hardware which includes pc parts, accessories, and building of custom pc of the best quality. At Okle, bringing the best products to our people while meeting their needs in respect to high-quality, modern computer parts is a major priority at our store.

We are geared towards making new, innovative products available to customers with no stress. Providing a user-friendly experience via our online stores and easing the shopping process with a touch of simplicity and effectiveness is our goal. We consistently work to ensure that everyone at all levels can access personal computer accessories of specific top brands from Razer, Logitech, Acer, and Glorious among many others.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure you can find everything you need via our store at the speed of light. Our team members are tech gurus with a good eye for quality products ensuring nothing short of the BEST products are sourced and made available to the people. We offer the best prices with an outstanding shopping experience.


Our Team

Okle store was founded by a team of young, driven, and dedicated customers interested in providing the keens with quality products from TOP brands globally. We are consistently working to provide people with the best technological experience whilst making sure they have access to products that beats and soar above standard in every way.

With years of experience working in the technology industry, we forged a union to bring the best to people who truly matter to us. We are here to serve all proud customers and ensure they can be proud of the best experience shopping and dealing with Okle.


Services & Deliverables

At Okle stores, we sell branded PC parts and build custom pc. Our services are pioneered towards providing everyone in Kuwait new things at the best price within a specific timeframe – no more, no less.

We are transparent and trustworthy. Okle stores ensure products are delivered to customers swiftly and accurately.